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The company "Base.I.S,"(Base International Softdrink) just like its name, was established with the purpose of developing fine raw material for drinks. With the strategies that we earned from the experiences of production, and trading, we have provided high quality of products in Korea for last decade. We will keep trying our best to be creative with differentiated and competitive products. Now we are ready to show our best products all over the world.


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Citron, Yuja
Korea, China, and Japan are considered as major producing countries of citron. The citron produced in Korea especially is very well known for its sweetness and rich flavor. Since citron contains plenty of Vitamin C and citric acid, it is effective in preventing and curing flues. Another ingredient called Limonene and pectinin citron make capillary healthier and stronger. Moreover, Hesperidin maintains blood pressure stable, and helps not to have a stroke. Compare to other fruits, citron has way more calcium, so it means eating citron has positive effects on bone health regardless of age. Finally, citron skin consists of fiber, it is also good for relieving constipation. 
*Concentrate, drink base, *Packing : 650g, 1kg, 25kg, 260kg
Korean black raspberries, Bokbunja
Bokbunja literally means "to flip the chamber pot by urinating."A chamber pot is a container that is kept in a bedroom and that is used as a toilet. Like the phrase above, bokbunja is highly effective in strengthen stamina. 
- Fatigue recovery, anti-artery hardening
- Enhancing immunity, regulation of blood glucose
- Anti- decline energy, anti- prostate disease
- Anti- aging, forming anti body
- Inhibiting helicobacter pylori
*Concentrate, drink base, *Packing : 650g, 1kg, 25kg, 260kg
Pear & Balloon flower root
Balloon Flower Root, Doraji
Balloon flower root can be easily founded in Korean mountains and grass lands. As ginseng does, its main ingredient is saponin. Balloon flower root is well known for preventing respiratory disorders. Since it contains a lot of inulin and saponin, it is effective in improvement rhinitis and asthma.
As an alkaline food, its main ingredient is protein while also including sugar(fructose & sucrose, 10-13%), organic acid like malic acid, tartaric acid, and citric acid, Vitamin B & C, fiber, and fat. Owing to its great effect on bronchial illnesses, it is good at cold, chronic coughs, and asthma while also helping bowel movement and diuretic effect. Removing phlegm and coughs, it also relieves symptoms when having a horse throat or having a stomachache. It is also helpful to treating boils. Its detoxication removes hangover.
*Concentrate, drink base, *Packing : 650g, 1kg, 25kg, 260kg
The reason why French people with high-calorie & high-fat diet are healthier than other European people is the polyphenol contained in red wine enjoyed by them.
Such polyphenol in wine contains rasveratrol, anthocyanin, tannin, catechin, quercetin, and etc.
For red wine concentrate, raw materials like cabernet, alicante, carignan, syrah, grenache, and tempranillo are used. 
For white wine concentrate, raw materials like chardonnay and airen are used. 
Regardless of age- Elders, adolescents, and children
Regardless of gender- Even pregnant women can enjoy
Regardless of religion- In all sort sof religious rituals/events
-Encouraging the new non-alcohol culture
-All kinds of Event: corporate events, family affairs, birthday parties, religious rituals
-Consideration for non-drinkers, the clergy, pregnant women etc. 
-Healthy, economic feasibility, flexibility
-Effect of anti-oxidative activity/ getting rid of oxygen free radical by taking polyphenol
-One bottle of concentrate is equivalent to five bottle of wine
-Alcohol free, No hang over, anytime, anywhere for everyone 
-Diverse application in business: airline food, military supplies, hotels, resorts, golf clubs, buffets (catering), banquets, restaurants, cafeteria, coffee shops, sports area, free gift etc.
-Base Material of Bakery: bakery material mix/coating, ice creams, department store bakery products, rice cakes, deserts etc.

President: lim moon taek
Tel:+82-31-353-1164    Fax: +82-31-8047-5261
E-mail: baseis@naver.com
Address: 5-7, Sicheong-ro 1610beon-gil,Jeongnam-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Contact Person
Manager : kim young won
Tel : +82-31-8047-5260    Cellphone : +82-10-8498-3531
E-mail : ssolgell@naver.com