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DoDream Co., Ltd. ECOSYS Co., Ltd.

E03 Waters Co., Ltd.

As a professional company that has been manufacturing the bio alkaline mineral pots and the functioning shower head products for over 38 years since 1977, Waters Co., Ltd has been leading popularization of functional water with various plans as the frontier manufacturing functional water for the health of human being.

Waters Co., Ltd.

Company Item

Bio Mineral Pot, Alkaline water maker, Water filters, Mineral Filter, Functioning shower head (Aroma Therapy shower head)

Item Specification

Bio Mineral Pot (Alkaline mineral water purifier)
It is a premium water system that produces Natural Alkaline Mineral clean water without the need to go through electrolysis process. It uses all natural stones and ceramic purification system to maintain freshness and natural energy of water.

Mineral Filter
It turns the R/O water or the normal water into the alkaline mineral water. The pH value will be 8.0~9.9 and the ORP value will become around -100mv, and also the value of active hydrogen will be over 100ppb.

Waters Therapy Shower
It produces natural water ideal for bath, shower, facial cleansing by removing the residual chlorine in water, and adds up collagen and vitamin C in the water to protect skin and strengthen its elasticity. The aroma beneficial for body will sooth your mind tired of stress, allowing a comfortable and pleasurable shower.

President: Kyung-Suk Bae
Tel:+82-2-783-5206    Fax: +82-2-783-3498
E-mail: trade@waters.co.kr

Contact Person
Director: Mr. Jang-Jun Bae
Tel : +82-2-783-5206    Cellphone : +82-10-3328-6956
E-mail : jjbae@waters.co.kr