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We believe that we have been able to produce and supply more than 100 healthcare products, for which far-infrared radiation and negative ions are used, for 25 years for foreign markets as well as the domestic market only thanks to the grace and blessing of God.  

In the modern society, a lot of diseases occur due to environment destruction, pollution, and stress and a lot of people feel painful and anxious because of wars and terrors. 

I and the staff members and executives of Bio Health World will make great efforts to become a company that can help a lot of people, who are suffering from various diseases, by developing better products for prevention and treatment of their diseases. 

According to the Bible, God created man so that they can live to be 120 years old. Therefore, We, Bio Health World, will do our best to develop and supply better products in order for all people to be able to stay healthy and live for a long time as God planned. 


Company Item

Hydrogen Water Purifier Products Health necklace & bracelet (by Guneuibogam ) Thermal Massage Mattress

Item Specification

Hydrogen Water Purifier  Products (by Heath To O)

  The oxygen that gets into the body in the course of respiration is mostly used in the metabolic activity, and the remainder becomes active to have strong oxidizing power, attacking living body tissues and damaging cells.  This active oxygen accelerates aging, causes diseases, and deteriorates health.  In order to get rid of the active oxygen, it is effective to provide an abundance of active hydrogen ions in water so they can combine with active oxygen ions to produce water. Our products come in various types, which include mineral-type hydrogen ion generators that use natural ores, hydrogen ion generators using electrolysis, and portable hydrogen water purifiers that can be carried along like PET bottles.

Health necklace & bracelet (by Guneuibogam ) 

  Health necklaces and bracelets: These products are designed to promote blood circulation and regulate the balance of energy in the body using anions and far-infrared rays.  They boast of various colors, splendid lusts, and elegant designs with the purpose of offering both fashion and health to their wearers. Our products use such precious metals and minerals as germanium, zirconia, illite, sapphire, pozzolan, rare earth elements, Guisanmunseok Stone, tourmaline, gold, and silver, which are intended to help the body heal disease by itself using the energy produced by gemstones rather than resorting to medicines. 

Thermal Massage Mattress

  Health and weight loss beds: These products are patented bio-beds for health and fitness designed to produce a weight loss effect.  They can usually be used as a regular bed and also as a health and weight loss bed by operating the fitness function once a day to give vibration to the midsection and the thighs thereby converting the accumulated fat into heat energy and discharging toxins and necessary fat out of the body. 

President: KIM WAN GYEOM
Tel:+82-31-531-1911    Cellphone : +82-10-3320-1911    Fax: +82-31-531-8250
E-mail: ceo@biohealth.co.kr
Address: #508-3 Naeri Naechonmyun Pochensi Gyeonggido 11189 KOREA