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MIYO Co., Ltd. Samhwaplus Co., Ltd.


FORVIC S-back Corp. was established to contribute to the life of mankind to pursue health and comfort. The former FORVIC International Inc. have developed the foundation of FORVIC S-Back Corp. by exporting healthcare food and shoes products to American and European countries.

FORVIC S-Back was originated with developing "S-back" which can help people sit more


Company Item

"chair on chair" - S-Back

Item Specification

S-Back, the called "chair on chair"designed to be used on a chair, is the world's first chair combined with an LSP(lumber support pad)that works on the waist and hip at the same time and helps on sit comfortably on a chair in a correct sitting posture using the user's own weight.

Unlike other floor chair that have a fixed back piece and floor piece formed in an L-shape, S-Back's floor piece and LSP are flexible enough to be moved back and forth as well as sideway by the body's movement. in other words, when the body weight moves downwards to sit on it, S-Back's LSP moves forward while supporting the lumber area by the low of action and reaction Therefore, the LSP is always located around the hip during the movement of the body and press against the waist and performs the function of preventing the body's posture from being in disalignment or the back being slightly bent. Users do not feel uncomfortable while sitting on the S-Back for a long duration since the ergonomically designed main body of the S-back lifts up the pelvis while aligning it towords the center of the LSP, which prevent the hip bone from bearing the whole weight. So, the user feels comfortable from moment he/she sit on this chair. And it offers unvarying sitting comfort for a long duration as it evenly distributes the body weight to several part of the body that is normally applied to the waist and pelvic area . It is recommended that you press the handle forword and sit on the S-Back while pressing your hip and back to the chair.

The S-Back can be used anywhere by people of all ages and sexes. IT is especially beneficial for office workers who have to sit on a chair for long hours, student, examinees, drivers who drive long hours, long distance travelers, those sitting during a religious service, meditators, people who enjoy lots of outdoor activities such as yoga, fishing and mountain climbing, those suffering from back pain and women who are pregnant or gave birth.

President: Wook Yoon
Tel:+82-31-767-0551    Cellphone : +82-10-6217-2399    Fax: +82-31-767-0554
E-mail: sback@forvic.com
Address: 2nd Fl.39,520beongil, Opo-ro,Opo-eup, Gwangju-shi, Gyeonggi-do,Seoul KOREA