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Samhwaplus Co., Ltd. SAMHONONGSAN


Hanyang Food is a company mainly producing all the Tteokbokki rice cakes and other kinds of rice cakes in 1999.

It mainly supplies for famous franchises and distributors of massive food supplies in Korea.

Having established an in-house research institute, the company strives to provide safe products through product testing, etc. Through product development, it creates new products that consumers are looking for.

We will constantly strive to study and make fresh, clean and delicious products.


Company Item

Rice cake. wheat cake, Topoki

Item Specification

Rice Tteokbokki made with rice is one of the most representative foods loved by men and women of all ages. With its chewy texture, the product gives a variety of choices due to it’'s a variety in size and thickness.

Wheat Tteokbokki made from flour has a soft and chewy texture and has more savory flavor than rice cake..

President: Yun joon ki
Tel:+82-31-943-7248    Fax: +82-31-943-7443
E-mail: jovi1866@hanmail.met
Address: 144-34, Geombawi-gil, Wolong- myeon, Paju-si, Gyeongido, Korea.

Contact Person
Lab manager
Tel : +82-070-4335-8362    Cellphone : +82-10-2773-1594
E-mail : rangod07@naver.com