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DOOWON C & C Co., Ltd. MIYO Co., Ltd.


It has been a series of challenges during the past 23 years since Hanil medical entered the thermal massager market as a frontrunner for a healthy and happy living of people.

All staff members and employees, including myself, keep in mind that this kind of achievement has been made possible only through our customers’ continuous love  and support. We promise to dedicate our best efforts toward maintaining customer satisfaction as one of our top 

priorities through the continuous R&D and differentiated customer service.

Now as a “World Best Healthcare Partner”, we would like to go forward toward a bigger and more valuable future to be a “Company Leading Healthy Lifestyle Culture” for a better world


Company Item

Thermal massager Chair (HUBO600) bio health fitness bed (BHE-204) Thermal mat (YELLOW SOIL)

Item Specification

Thermal massager Chair (HUBO600)

This is a device relieving the minor muscle pain by applying physical energy (vibration, shock,pressure, etc) to the human body.

stimulate different massaging areas and different pressure points of different people; thus providing more effective, customized massage

This electric thermal massage pad provides a certain amount of heat to the human body to warm body and relieve the muscle pain. 

This product comes with a multi-functioning remote control and a convenient remote control cradle. The allows the user to control the product with maximum ease.


Bio health fitness bed (BHE-204)

The state-of-the-art massage mat, releases the each tight muscles of the body with whole body tapping therapy by massage, acupressure and thermal effects placing massage rods on acupuncture points according to biorhythms.


Thermal mat (YELLOW SOIL)

Heating or electronic heating bath appliance for your whole body by single beded heating mat [Effect of Yellow Soil] far-infrared radiation, anion/biological ionization, Improve blood circulation, relax muscle pain, and remove bodily waste

President: Tae-yun Chung
Tel:+82-31-797-5947    Fax: +82-31-763-4936
E-mail: Hanil15@nate.com
Address: 147-58, Baekgogae-gil, Gonjiam-eup, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Contact Person
Director : Sung-Jae, Lee
Tel : +82-31-797-5947    Cellphone : +82-6365-2252
E-mail : hanilmall@hanmail.net