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DoDream Co., Ltd.

E01 Youngwoo Waterline Co., Ltd.

Youngwoo Waterline, as a member of Water Quality Association, is one of the specialized firms in the development and product of water purifiers and inline filters in S Korea since 1987.

We have been released many sorts of water purifiers and inline filters, and exported it to 16 countries since 1988. We are continually trying to research and develop our products for the best quality.

The firm received a few outstanding certifications from Korea Standards Association (KSA), which calls "Utummi" (means the best in Korean), on inline filters and O2A(Oxygen and Alkaline) water purifier.

KSA, as a non-profit and cooperation company with government, selected our products as Millennium Frontier Products in Korea. No one can get the certifications in this field except Youngwoo Waterline in the country. We also received several other significant certifications from the USA and the UK(e.g. NSF, ISO9001 and 14001, etc.). 

Thank you.

Youngwoo Waterline Co., Ltd.

Company Item

1. YW-1400T 2. YWH-070 3. YWH2500H/S

Item Specification

President: Kim Chan-goo
Tel:+82-31-998-7400    Fax: +82-505-365-6292
E-mail: cgkim@ywwl.co.kr
Address: 700-1, Dosa-ri, Tongjin-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Contact Person
Manager : Kim Byung-min
Tel : +82-31-998-7400    Cellphone : +82-10-9047-0080
E-mail : ray@ywwl.co.kr