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E07 DOOWON C & C Co., Ltd.

Since established in July 1991, Doowon C&C started to produce ceramic product as major, and then our business was able to grow past 20 years as one of the Korea's biggest medical equipment and Fitness equipment manufacturer which have the best technology team and largest manufacturing plant.

With such effort for the high quality control and better A/S services, Doowon C&C stand as a company that certified Korea government procurement to deliver equipment supplies. And also we reached upto 60% of Korea domestics market share. 

Doowon C&C makes a ceaseless effort to move the hearts of customers through constant research and development of the best engineers and high quality product lines. 

In the result, Doowon C&C has two major distributors in Vietnam and Thailand market. 

Doowon C&C continuously increase our sales channel and market also will establish new sales network. 

We promise that, Doowon C&C will come closer to each customers with better services and higher quality controls until we satisfy them. 


With Best Regards.

DOOWON C & C Co., Ltd.

Company Item

Hospital bed, Hospital equipment, Fitness equipment

Item Specification

Hospital beds with manual and automatic types are mostly using in a hospital.

Fitness equipment products are produced based on high quality and market trended design.


President: MR.LEE KYU SEOP
Tel:+82-31-353-9040~1    Fax: +82-31-353-9043
E-mail: doowoncnc@korea.com
Address: 49, Oncheonro, Paltanmyeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyonggi-do

Contact Person
Assistant Manager : Mr.Park Jea Min
Tel : +82-31-353-9040    Cellphone : +82-10-3793-4911
E-mail : doowoncnc@yahoo.com