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Samjin Plastic Corporation JUNGWOO MOTOR Co., Ltd.

B11 Adtech Co., Ltd.

Adtech Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in surface protecting adhesive tape, and since the establishment in 1996, the company has been striving for putting customer satisfaction at home and abroad as its priority by fully preparing itself for providing color steel sheets, stainless steel, 

aluminum chassis as well as various construction materials, plastic materials, furniture and other special materials with endless researchand development, daring investment on equipment, and accumulated techniques. With the opening of the New Millennium, we are able to attempt new changes ahead of the times and present new management directions as of operation of the clean room system in 2002 and introduction of semiconductor and precision electronic parts. 

Adtech Co., Ltd. will do its utmost to join the line with the world’s top-ranking companies creating the best value through continuouscustomer satisfaction with endless challenge and creation, innovation and responsibility in mind.

Please take a close attention to Adtech Co., Ltd. as it will always be with customers

Adtech Co., Ltd.

Company Item


Item Specification

1. DICING TAPE: it is widely used for semiconductor industry.

In addition. It has nearly no differences with time in the rang of consistent adhesion, This makes excellent products??in pick-up and chip flying problems. 

2. PET (Polyester) protection tape: it is widely used for different type of industries. especially electronic industry. Our PET item is famous to be used in Mobile phone industry.

Tel:+82-31-997-2901    Fax: +82-31-997-3901
E-mail: sales@adt21.com

Contact Person
Manager : MR. KI CHUL NAM
Cellphone : +82-10-6804-3341
E-mail : sales@adt21.com