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Filink Co., Ltd. UNISON ENGINEERING Co., Ltd.


TRAVIS was established as a specialized company for making elevator components under the mission statement ?Customer satisfaction & Responsibility management in 1988. We have grown again and again based on continuing technical development and credibility. With obtaining certification ISO and systematic and exhaustive quality improvement activity, we have made a greater effort continually for safe and convenience of customers from design and production of elevator to installation and repair. With not only new technical development and durable and perfect product production but also building credibility in order to be a reliable companion satisfying requirement of customer, please give us your support and advice. With representative director we are trying to fulfil communication and demand of the persons concerned such a surroundings, ethics, and accompanied growth and perform our duty as a member of society. We always think and act from the standpoint of the customer and grasp demand of customer. We reflect those things in business activity and try customer satisfaction management. So TRAVIS maximizes value of customer. Moreover, TRAVIS will provide executives and staff members who are our future and precious assets with the best value of pride through organization respecting for creativity and diversity.


Company Item

Elevator(Passenger, Observation, Hospital carlift, Freight), Escalator, Moving Walk

Item Specification

Elevator - Innovative energy reduction(over50%) with accepting control method of variable voltage frequency, and realization of outstanding ride quality with luxurious design and various additional function increase dignity of building. 

Escalator - ravis escalator is a product doing much for modern design accepting ergonomic design and control method by microprocessor and offering excellent impression of riding with removal Jerk in descending tract.

Moving Walk - Technology for innovative energy reduction, high stability, convenience, and simple maintenance is suitable for linking passageway of subway and train station, parking lot, and sports complex 

President: Sang-Hyun An
Tel:+82-31-981-2211    Fax: +82-31-981-3100
E-mail: shan210@st21.co.kr
Address: 99,Daemyeonghang-ro 205beon-gil Daegot-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, korea

Contact Person
Director : Sun-Kyum Byun
Tel : +82-70-7709-8343    Cellphone : +82-10-8858-7957
E-mail : bsk0608@st21.co.kr