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B06 Nurichem Co., Ltd.

Since the foundation in 1992, we, Nurichem Co., Ltd., have continued to orient for building material business, 

specializing in development, production and sales for a variety of Sealants, PU-Foam and Aerosols. As a leader 

in the field of PU-Foam, we have taken the 1st place in sales of it in the domestic market. 


We've kept to pursue our goal of researching and developing the new products by improving the existing 

sealants, adhesives and so on. Looking further ahead, we're also striving to expand the business horizon,

concentrating all of the capabilities available on the future core products including Multi-Purpose Adhesive, SSG/IG 

and Fire-Stop Coating. To this end, we have worked harder for the in-depth technical collaboration with leading 

global bonding and sealant companies in this filed. 


Now we are penetrating into the new overseas market, inviting promising customers around the world to

experience our quality products. Currently our high-quality products are being exported to 17 countries across the 

world, receiving honorable mentions from both overseas and domestic clients. What we are seeking is the win-win 

success with our valued customers in order to grow together in the market, building the shared values and vision. 

And we're committed to serving and satisfying our valued clients with the superior quality, more user-freindly

and more environment-friendly products through ceaseless effort to realize perfect quality assurance. 

Nurichem Co., Ltd.

Company Item

Silicone Sealant Multi-Purpose Hybrid Adhesive Polyurethane Foam Aerosols

Item Specification

Silicone Sealant

N2000/N2000 PRO(Neutral Silicone Sealant)

√Specially designed for a variety of sealing applications in glass, fiberglass, plastic and aluminum.

√Oxime type silicone causing no corrosion on commonly used materials 

G2000(Acetoxy Silicone Sealant)  

√Designed for general use in window/door frames and glass sealing. 

√Sealed with good adhesion to many building materials whose surfaces are slippery & smooth.     

HB1000(Hybrid Sealant)

√High quality joint sealant with high adhesion strength & intial tack, based on MS Polymer.                

√Seal marbles and stone where non-pollution is needed. 

√Fill the cracks where water-proof is required. 

√Joint mortar, concrete and tiles.

√Seal and fill gaps on vehicles, vessels & trains. 

S2000(Sanitary Silicone Sealant)  

√Designed for hygienic sealing in the areas exposed to high humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens. 

√Sealing and jointing in damp places

√Seal tiles, sink of kitchens and basin. 

√Seal the places where should be protected from mildew. 


Multi-Purpose Hybrid Adhesive 

HB350(Ultra Tack Adhesive)_"Instant Grab"

√Super initial tack and faster finishing. 

√Minimize physical support after application

√Paintable after curing

√Elastic adhesive with excellent flexibility

√Solvent and isocyanate free

√Bond materials to floor, wall and ceiling, where the extremely high initial strength is needed. 

√Bond construction materials requiring heavy-duty mounting

√Bond aluminum composite panels and metals

√Fix panels or door frames on the wall without anchoring

HB050(Super Tack Adhesive)_"Multi-Purpose"

√Strong adhesion on a variety of substrates

√Semi-permanent adhesion strength

√Excellent elasticity restoring force

√Paintable after curing

√Solvent and isocyanate free

√Provide a high strength flexible bonding in a wide variety of construction and industrial applications. Typical use 

 is to bond skirting boards, battens, slats, door thresholds, acoustic panels and so on. 

HB030(Crystal Clear Adhesive)_"Fix & Seal Crystal

√Ideal for use in bonding elements where a transparent bond is required. 

√Elastic adhesive with excellent flexibility

√Solvent and isocyanate free

√Cure rapidly to provide flexible & crystal-clear sealing. Typical use is to bond glass panes to aluminum or anodised frames. Compatible with metals and most materials used in construction work. 


Polyurethane Foam 


√Fix door frames to wall

√Insulate walls

√Seal gaps and holes

√Easy & fast application. 

√Noise & Heat-proof

√Strong adhesion

URI FOAM-MAX(Fire Resistance, B2)

√Fill joints between panels

√Insulate walls

√Seal gaps and holes

√B2 grade fire resistance


√Yield 60~65L per can

TYTAN FOAM 65B2(Fire Resistance, B2)

√Fill joints between panels

√Insulate walls

√Seal gaps and holes

√B2 grade fire resistance


√Yield max. 65L per can



SM9000(Spray Adhesive)

√Adhere perfectly to paper label, fiber, cork, glass, metal, and corrugated cardboard. 

√Convenient for use. 

SM6000(Spray Lubricant)

√Excellent rust prevention and lubrication. 

√Excellent penetration into narrow gaps

√Prevent squeaks

√Loosen the rusted parts

√Soften sticky mechanism

√Dehumidify the moisture

SD1000(Underbody Coating Spray)

√Dry quickly with elastic rubber-based coating to form a strong coating film

√Protect excellently car's underbody from rust, corrosion, road salt, dust, smoke, extreme cold & heat, and sand. 

Choke & Carburetor Cleaner

√Protect and lubricate butterfly & throttle valve, throttle body and idle intake control valves. 

√Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. 

President: Young Jin Park
Tel:+82-31-450-6633    Fax: +82-31-450-6630
E-mail: nurichem@nurichem.com
Address: 605 DGV, 257, Gyeongsu-daero, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Contact Person
Deputy General Manager : K. W. Chang
Tel : +82-31-450-6633(EXT; 321)    Cellphone : +82-10-6247-1952
E-mail : kwchang@nurichem.com