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B02 Filink Co., Ltd.

Filink is manufacturing Window Film for Automotive, Residential, Commercial, and Safety. Ceramic Window Film is good at rejecting heat, and UV from Sun.?Window film is divided into dyed film, metal film, and ceramic film. Filink is specialized in Ceramic film which is the most durable and functional. 

Filink has researched and developed for a long time. We have developed Nano-dispersion technology, and all of the process for making window film is proceed by ourselves. Therefore, we are able to offer you alternative ways when you have problem with products.

Filink has GEN-Auto brand for Automotive film, and HEAT-Zero brand for architectural film.

Recently, Filink has desinated as a Promising Export Firm by the Small & Medium Business Administration, Republic of Korea.

Filink Co., Ltd.

Company Item

Window film, Solar Control film, Safety film, Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Item Specification

Ceramic window film has provided protection from the sun's harmful such as UV rays, and Infrared rays. Therefore, window film offers heat rejection technology and minimize harmful effects from sun. Window film is used on Car window tinting, residential, and commercial window. 

Filink Ceramic window film is 100% Ceramic component. We do not allow any metal or dye. Therefore, Filink Ceramic window film does not reject only 900~1000nm, it rejects whole scope of infrared rays (781~2500nm). That's why Filink Ceramic film has better heat reduction.

Window film gives you lower cooling cost, and warming cost. It saves up to 30% cooling cost in Summer. Therefore, you may Return on Invest in 3 years.

Window Film maintains original appearance of your interior stuff. It prevents from fading due to 99% UV rejection.

Ceramic window film doesn't have signal interference. You are free to utilize mobile phone, and GPS. Because we don't allow any metal components on Ceramic window film.

Window film protects your skin from harmful effects of the sun such as skin cancer.

Filink window film has high clarity which maximizes comfort of your eye.

President: Lee Min Chang
Tel:+82-31-888-0990    Fax: +82-31-888-0993
E-mail: info@filink.kr
Address: 703, 105 Gwanggyo-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi

Contact Person
International Sales Team : KD Yun
Tel : +82-31-888-0992    Cellphone : +82-10-7588-9021
E-mail : yun@filink.kr