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KWANG SUNG TECH Samjin Plastic Corporation

B09 NITE Industrial Co., Ltd.

Based in Korea, we have developed and provided a variety of wide format printing-related products since 1996. Now we have just developed a solution which can transfer graphics on many different materials  like aluminium, GI and EGI stainless, acrylic and polycarbonate for architectural interior and exterior application.

NITE Industrial Co., Ltd.

Company Item

Cold Transfer Printing Solution

Item Specification

The exceptional technology can transfer graphics on a variety of materials without heating press. The process of a cold transfer printing is the almost?same as dye sublimation printing.?However, the cold transfer printing works even with the material which is easily deformed by heat press because graphics are completely transferred with our transfer PET Film and liquid by none-heating press.

With simple process, the none-heating transfer technology provides higher quality graphics with long-durability, scratch-proof, water-proof than conventional printing methods like UV printing,?water transfer printing Silk-screen printing and offset printing and more. 

President: Bae. Jinkwon
Tel:+82-2-859-4211    Fax: +82-2-866-4216
E-mail: postmaster@nite.co.kr
Address: 607-9 Hwaseong-ro Songsan-Myun Hwaseong City Gyeonggi-Do, Korea, Zip code 18549

Contact Person
Sales Director : Stanley Mun
Tel : +82-2-859-4211    Cellphone : +82-10-5021-4211
E-mail : postmaster@nite.co.kr