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Unison Engineering Co., Ltd. starting from Department of Sales Engineering of Unison Co., Ltd. Established in September, 1984, and as a spin-off Unison Co., Ltd. Since February, 2002, have been supplying products. Construction and consulting service in the anti-noise & vibration industry with the know how of 29 years experience. Product lines of Unison Engineering are Spring Mounts, Spring & Neoprene Hangers, Neoprene Mounts & Pads, Flexible Connector, Bolted Modular Bases, Jack-up Floating Floor System Air-Gab Floating Floor System, High Efficiency Plywood Panel System, Sound Attenuator, Sound Chamber, Sound Elbow, Sound Proofing Wall, and Seismic Snubber and Seismic Stoppers.
We acquired the certificate of Korean Industrial Standard for our anti-vibration products firstly in Korea and established R&D Center, acquired ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification, and was registered as a company of anti-noise & vibration facility business, noise & vibration measurement agency business and Principal engineering activities business, and was recently appointed as a INNO-BIZ company with our technological advance and innovation. Our continuo endeavor of research & development has developed Silencers equipped with air-layer and diaphragm inside splitter(Patent No. 10-0918700) as Dual floor system of anti-vibration flywood panel(Patent No. 10-0920200)
Today as our company motto of “Try your best for tomorrow”, Unison Engineering is trying our best to lead the industry of Green Technology of 21st century, and to achieve Customer Satisfaction then to impress our customers in the long run. In addition, in this era of a global village, Unison Engineering promises to make our very best efforts to become the World No.1 Company fulfilling social responsibility of corporate and inviting outstanding employees with our proactive management system.
We ask for your continuous interest and support.
Thank you.


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Item Specification

Steel spring isolators are laterally stable even without any housing as they  have the ratio of 1:1 approximately between the horizontal and vertical stiff-ness and as the free standing type complete with neoprene acoustical pads 0.25“(6mm) thick beneath the baseplate this open spring isolators consist of top and bottom load plate and adjustment bolt for leveling which shall be rigidly bolted to the machineries. 

Spring should be designed to have the diameter not less than 80% of the one when it is compressed at rated load. Springs should also be designed to have a minimum additional 50% travel beyond rated deflection and safe solid stresses. For approval spring diameters, deflections, compressed spring height and solid spring height shall be submitted. We, UNISON Engineering Co., Ltd. manufactures the type OSM for this mountings. 

President: CHAN Q PARK
Tel:+82-2-563-9313    Fax: +82-2-563-9889
E-mail: uec571@chol.com
Address: 96, Madogongdan-ro 1-gil, Mado-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Contact Person
General Manager : IN HO CHOE
Tel : +82-70-4432-2874    Cellphone : +82-10-8509-3394
E-mail : uec571@chol.com