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Filink Co., Ltd.


Samwon road safety Co.,LTD. is a leading manufacturer specializing in road safety products related to traffic, construction and parking in Korea.

Samwon road safety was established in 2000 and based on the technology and know-how of mother company Samwon Plastic Co.,LTD for 45years.

Samwon road safety produces numerous high-quality products with various certifications like ISO 9001,14001, ECO Mark and patents.

Samwon road safety is a company wholly dedicated to the safety of drivers . 

We’re looking forward to your interest in samwon road safety and thank you for your continuous concern.


Company Item

Delineator, PE Anti-glare board, Flexible guide post, Rubber Lane separator, Solar road stud, Solar Warning light

Item Specification

Side-Post looks like a traditional hazard marker post, but its flexible "knock-down, spring-up" property makes it impact-resistant. 
A strong iron plate about 3mm thickness is put in a black rubber pad, it makes the side-post flexible "knock-down, spring-up" .
Easy installation and maintenance because the product is shaped a cross screw pole.


If a part of  the PE is damaged, it can be replaced to the new PE. It leads to decrease the cost of maintenance and replacement. 
Performs unaffected in -30° to +90°.
- Low maintenance cost


President: HOng Jeong Seok
Tel:+82-2-2237-4507    Fax: +82-2-2236-3776
E-mail: samwoncop@naver.com
Address: shinchon ri 99-4 Gongiam Ueb Kwang gu Si Kyoung Ki Do, Korea

Contact Person
Sales Manager : Hong Joon Kee
Tel : +82-2-2237-4508    Cellphone : +82-10-6344-0926
E-mail : samwoncop@naver.com deniro0926@samwonsafety.co.kr