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ONAM LIGHT CG Lighting Co., Ltd.

A06 MIRAE LED Co., Ltd.

MIRAE LED Co., Ltd. was established in February 2008 and acquired ISO 9001, CE, FCC, PSE and RoHs certifications to ensure the quality and reliability of its products. To consistently develop environment-friendly, high-efficiency, and low power-consuming LED lighting products, the company is committed to developing new technologies.
Most of the existing LED modules use Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) with DC input power, which makes it difficult to secure the appropriate spaceduring doing construction, with additional maintenance costs due to frequent failures of the device. For these reasons, MIRAE LED Co., Ltd. has developed AC LED modules with not being SMPS, by which installation space and process are very efficient, most importantly the maintenance cost is almost to be “zero".
With having experiences in both “Beautiful Streets of the Kimpo-city” business project replacing with AC LED Modules in 2009 and export to a number of customers in Japan, this product has been completely recognized and approved in safety and reliability. Also it is OEM business partner of Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. as well as leading professional R&D, manufacturer of AC LED Modules for Channel Letter Signs in the world who customers in Europe and Japan

We improve our product quailties through line internalization with a new investement of SMT division in August 2014.
As we have been working on a filed of electronic, mechanical design, process technology, and production technology based on LED business, we have accumulated our skill-set and well-developed experences.
We are called a LED & SMT solution professional company that develops product development, PCB fabrication, PCB ASS'Y(SMD, Auto-insert, Hand-insert, Test, Assembly, Packing), and AC Direct Led Channel Module with high reliability and highly developed skills we have.
Furthermore Not only, We will do our best to make customer-oriented products with our earned know-how regarding LED, SMT, etc but also, we, all employee and board members, will strive to cooperate with our customers for reliable growath company. Thanks,


Company Item

AC LED Channel SignModule AC LED LIGHT

Item Specification

1. Direct connection to the AC 110~220 power will eliminate the need for installation costs.
2. High power conversion efficiency than DC-powered consumption.
3. Driven flow with constant operation withof each module, so the brightness has no stains.
4. Driving power to each module respectively, in the event of failure is very advantageous
(none bad products)
5. Four modules, one light output power equal to 2 of 1W LED light output.
(Using the existing power LED module power-conversion efficiency of optical power
40 ~ 60 lm / W, and also requires separate AC-DC conversion power SMPS)
6. Operating current LED module per 1/4 of chain, connection compatible with one line of more than 400 modules.(construction of the entire wiring cables connecting reduces material costs and construction time)
7. Temperature compensation, constant current the LED driving circuit for each module is excellent as well as higher stability due to waterproofing silicone. Adaptability to changes in temperature is excellent (the module's temperature is significantly cooler han LED modules).
8. Almost no occurrence of Noise, so it has no effect on other electronic products.

ㅇ Application and utilization of the range of products
As AC LED Channel Module (2.3.4 light source) , used in signs, characters, and lighting

ㅇ Domestic&Foreign Product Sales Review(including contracts)
- export to Japan as Seoul Semiconductor OEM supplier
- export to Japan as IUS Co., Ltd OEM production to supply

ㅇ Product related award and certificate information, such as joint development
KC certification, ISO 9001 certified, FCC, CE certified, RoHs certification

President: Hur Su-Bin
Tel:+82-70-4035-5677    Fax: +82-31-491-3455
E-mail: miraeled@miraeled.com
Address: Rm434, Daewoo Technopia,768-1 Wonsi-dong,Danwon-gu,Ansan-si,Gyeanggi-do,Korea

Contact Person
Tel : +82-70-4035-5677    Cellphone : +82-10-3200-4696
E-mail : seanryu77@gmail.com