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Smart Tech was founded to create innovative and useful environmentally-friendly products and open the market, by converging the state-of-art IT and ET.

Our main business includes solar energy application system based on high-efficiency solar panels and development using LED, and we are focused on developing an AI-based smart solution as a new business area.

Smart Tech is striving to develop innovation environmentally-friendly products that have function, are economic, convenient, and aesthetic.

The goal of Smart Tech is to create state-of-art environmentally-friendly technology and establish itself as a manufacturer of practical environmentally-friendly products in the global market with top quality products. To do so, we are trying to help all of our staff develop their competitiveness and realize their best self. To achieve the goal of Smart Tech, I will always try new things without fearing failure. Please send us a lot of support.

Smart Tech.

Company Item

Outdoor Solar Charger Apollon S6000, Smart Tech P5, Smart Tech P15

Item Specification

Outdoor solar panel charger

Enjoy the outdoor life with high power Solar charger of Smart Tech. Using only solar energy P15 generate same rate as standard AC power. Maximizing filling up efficiency with 2 output USB port. MUST HAVE ITEM! 

P5 takes about 2.5 hours to fully charges the latest smart phones (iPhone 6) on a sunny day.?S6000, real outdoor emergency and back up solar charger 95% remained 1 year after

Tel:+82-70-5022-1369    Fax: +82-70-8615-8369 Cellphone : +82-10-2812-3084
E-mail: jscho366@hotmail.com
Address: #906(GounChumDanKwaHakGiSulWon) Wauan-gil 17, BongDam-Eup, Hwasung-Si Kuunggi_Do 445-743