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MIRAE LED Co., Ltd. Wheel Lighting Corp.

A07 CG Lighting Co., Ltd.

CG lighting was established in Seoul, Korea in winter of 1996. Since then, CG lighting has been steadily growing and expanding to new heights. Today, CG lighting is one of the most successful lighting manufacturers in Korea. Our more than 19 years of experience as a manufacturer of high quality and precision lighting has proved its worth, particularly in the various interior lighting space, and as well as our use of innovative techniques. Our technological innovation department is continually enhancing and developing our product line  to  insure  continuous  upgrade  and  meet  our  fast  changing world. Our motto is 

"The past is fixed, the future is to innovate and create."

CG  lighting  specializes  in  LED  lights  of  all  shapes  and  sizes.  It  is designed to optimize individual environment and deliver unsurpassed lighting quality. They provide a high end light emitting components and special materials, giving them stability and robust durability. Our company offers diverse product lines which are suitable for any type of environment. It also creates a beautiful blend with the surrounding and  interior  design  specifications.  It  is  suitable  for  each  individual taste  and  requirements.  We  are  environmentally  friendly  and  very efficient energy saving quality lighting.

Light manufacturing industry recently developed and applies a variety of techniques for an intimate

communication with the consumers. CG lighting products design lab has created a new identity reflecting preference for color with individual customer while making the most of luminous efficacy with lighting which is the basic feature of lighting.  The new lighting technology focusing on this identity of CG lighting is the 'ColoRex'. ColoRex is a compound word of 'Color' and 'Rex' that means the lord or 'Exchange' that means take and give a color. CG lighting luminary with ColoRex technology has innovative design with precise radial arrangement of SMD type LED chip in between 3000~5800K color temperature to switch the color temperature. ColoRex lighting technology offers a pleasure to pick illuminant colors depending on the consumers feel in a particular space and time away from stereotype ideas that a single luminary must be fixed with a single color temperature.

If you choose a cool 5000K band short wavelength light source, it is useful for learning a class that require an attention and if you choose a similar 3000K incandescent longer wavelength band light sources at meal times, you will be able to add warmth to the dishes. The new technology that helps individual customer to create a beauty is 'ColoRex' that is beyond simple adds of brightness in the space making a harmony with the unique color of the light in space.

CG Lighting Co., Ltd.

Company Item

Color changeable LED Lightings [ ColoRex ]

Item Specification

ColoRex is a single color downlights that can be controlled easier anytime, anywhere depending on the surrounding environment. Hold the remote control in your hand, press the button a few times then you can easily handle illumination fast to reflect the situation. You can adjust the brightness of the downlights to suit the situation according to their lifestyle such as sleeping, outing, and working. It is easy to use as it simply fixes the brightness with the support of stepless adjustment. The remote control is configured as a UI that can identify at a glance for intuitive and easy use.

ColoRex Downlights

Downlights based on next generation SMD chip differentiated from conversional downlights. 'ColoRex' is compound work of Color and Rex, which means you, can freely control the color. It can produce beautiful color in an instant from cool to warm color getting out of boring one single color downlights. It offers a new possibility to change colors of a light. It use excellent daylight white color for reading a text when studying and it adds warmth to the dishes by setting bulb when taking a meal. Of course, depending on the atmosphere, it can mix and blend the day white color with warm bulb color.

ColoRex Panel Lights

Edge type panel light has a thickness of a finger Flat series. You will be glad to meet shiny and slim Flat series that does not have a glare when you have to hide light source behind the diffuser and become bored of the light that looks flat. Flat is an excellent solution for those who want to wipe the harsh light in the eyes. The sleek and modern product passes a light uniform from the corner through the middle as it contains a high precision light guide plate in the lighting fixture. In addition, it has lighter weight and thin waist as to install anywhere without worry with an excellent workability. The side is tightly sealed to prevented dust particles and insects, etc. from entering into the lighting fixture. Another thing to be proud of is a beautiful and soft shadows that does not make dizzy overlap seen in the direct down light type of lighting.

ColoRex Cygnus

Lighting fixture is developing by adding a beauty on the base of users' personality and convenience. Cygnus is a lighting fixture restricting decorative elements while emphasizing plain elements to use in the living space. The unique and stylish design is completed demonstrating practical elements and skipping unwanted parts boldly. In terms of technical side, it can also import warm or cool light depending on your sensitivity by applying ColoRex that can change the color temperature. The diffuser, in front of the light, emits portion to protect from moisture

President: Min Mi-Kyung
Tel:+82-2-596-5747    Fax: +82-2-596-5749
E-mail: im@cglighting.co.kr
Address: C509 IT Valley, 40 Imi-ro, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Contact Person
Manager : Lee Hyo-duck
Tel : +82-2-596-5747    Cellphone : +82-10-6688-3266
E-mail : cglighting@naver.com