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CG Lighting Co., Ltd. UIK Co., Ltd.

A08 Wheel Lighting Corp.

We are world’s leading manufacturer/supplier of automotive air-conditioner components.
Now proudly joining LED market with highly recognized and proved know-how.
“Think creative, Mind to care about safety, Stay innovative in technology.”
Customer satisfaction is our most valued objective.
Keep tuned to tomorrow’s potential needs, 

Wheel Lighting Corp.

Company Item

Products : LED Lighting Products (Fixed Luminaries for LED Lamps) Model’s name : GREEN BELT

Item Specification

1) Environment-friendly LED factory light product
→ Metal Halide, High-pressure sodium lamp, Mercury lamp alternate lighting.
(Eco-products, Use of hazardous substances suppression)
2) Simple, Slim, Eco-design
→ The only Wheel lighting’s unique design. (Emphasize the green belt)
3) Inexpensive consumer price
→ Domestic lowest price, Originality heat-sink development patent by Wheel lighting corporation.
4) Long life, Less brightness rate of decrease.
→ Reduced maintenance costs, Quality assurance. (LG package use)
5) Embedded AC Driver type (SMPS is not required)
→ Extending the life of the circuit components, Maximize the price-performance ratio
of the product, Lighter weight.
6) Applicable to fit the place
→ Light distribution options depends on the location and height. (Angle : Normal, 65°, 120°)

President: Tae-Seung, Yoo
Tel:+82-31-354-4951    Fax: +82-31-355-4937
E-mail: ts.yoo@wheelcorp.co.kr
Address: 67, Barangongdan-ro 5-gil, Hyangnam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, 18623 Korea

Contact Person
Assistant Manager : John, Lee
Tel : +82-31-354-4951    Cellphone : +82-10-6218-4534
E-mail : john.lee@wheellighting.co.kr