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Smart Tech. ONAM LIGHT


Integrated SI systems have a verity activity areas as like National Important Facilities, Large scale Industry Facilities, Companies, Transportation systems, Contructions, Educations, Tour & Leisures, Prevention Crimes and these systems need 24hours operations.

KeumSung Security Co. Ltd participate in the variable Solution project which is based SI system implementation and Research project by the Government and conduct a construction with variable high-tec system from identifying customer needs.

KeumSung Security Co. Ltd lead for perfect security business with a stead growth not only continuos R&D investment but also preparing internal stability for products and services in spite of rapid management environments and depression status.  



Company Item

1. Virtual Reality CCTV System 2. VR based Access control system 3. Smart Crime&Fire Detection System 4. Coastal Detection system 5. Microwave detection system & Fence mounted permiter intrusion detection system

Item Specification

1. Virtual Reality Visual and Patrol Security & Fire Detection System adapted virtual reality technology into CCTV system in order to make the system easier, using the real-time image mapping technology, created the best futuristic CCTV system

President: SONG WAN JOO
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Assistant Manager : LEE KI SUNG
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E-mail : sales@ksmail.kr