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C11 Goper Co., Ltd.

I would like to introduce our company, (Goper.co.ltd), which has established in 1990 and has been in business of selling or semi-working the finest quality of lumber and plywood and manufacturing the products with it.

In 2015, using a birch hardwood, we have developed the "Eco-friendly Table" with design assistance from Sook-Kyoung Jo, the professor of furniture design at Seo-Il university, who is the most well-known in design field in Korea

The difference of the 'Goper Eco-friendly Table' from other companies is can be made in customer's design. (attached picture on back side)

Besides, for the project of 'pretty home decoration', we have developed the "Eco-friendly Multipurpose Shelf" that can be installed on table which is made with birch hardwood.

Furthermore, we have launched a "Birch tree Artwall(Tile)", etc.

The above products are already on G-market, Auction ,etc selling in domestic market and Korean Women Entrepreneurs Association is promoting to launch at a freeway rest areas and it is in process. furthermore, we are developing inroads into international market.

Goper Co., Ltd.

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Korea is already in the ranks of advanced countries. Accordingly, the interest about eco-friendly materials has been raised and therefore we are managing our business with spirit of enterprise being an important role to make a house peaceful, cozy oasis when people get home by providing eco-friendly materials instead of deleterious construction materials that we have used up to now and providing furniture which is closely related with our life with eco-friendly materials.

President: Young hee Kim
Tel:+82-31-985-7320    Fax: +82-31-986-7320
E-mail: songgye@hanmail.net
Address: 377-23 heungsin-li yangchon-eup, kimpo-si, korea

Contact Person
Manager : Jin su Lee
Tel : +82-31-985-7320    Cellphone : +82-10-9782-1019
E-mail : leejinsu16@hanmail.net