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Herb Family Co., Ltd. Wellos Korea Co., Ltd.


Kitchenwell has researched kitchenware for a long time and has achieve growth through OEM.

With the start of its own brand, it is seeking sustainable growth.

it is a highly competitive company with rapid decision making, efficient management and production, and reliable QA and JIT system.


Company Item

Hybrid Inoble Coating Frying pan. Bellos Ceramic Pot Series.

Item Specification

Hybrid Inoble Coating Frying pan.

Hybrid Innoble coating modifies the existing flaws of diamond and ceramic coating.

Hybrid Innoble coating boasts the vest non-stick capabilities and better durability.

Also, it is PFOA, cadmiumm lead and mercury-free for chemical-free cooking and safe at high temperatures.

Hybrid Innoble coated products with forged surface are scratch resilient and guaranteed to last over prolonged use.

Quicker meals from fast heat conductivity maximize the conserved nutrients of cooking ingredients.


Bellos Ceramic Pot Series.

Ceramic coating does not burn or discolor and is easier to clean than other regular products.

its far-infrared emissions make the food taste better.

With 9H hardness, it is not easily scratched and can last over prolonged use.


President: Chun-Dong Kim
Tel:+82-31-996-1955    Fax: +82-31-996-1956
E-mail: dj6195@hanmail.net
Address: 52-16, Gocheok-ro, Wolgot-myeon, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Contact Person
Manager : Chun-Dong Kim
Tel : +82-31-996-1955    Cellphone : +82-10-4305-6195
E-mail : dj6195@hanmail.net