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GTS GLOBAL.INC is the leading company of skin shoes, having rich experience and advanced technology  in this area. 
GTS GLOBAL INC. is the professional company of producing extra-light skin shoes.  
    Our own brand, BALLOP, aiming at creative, advanced shoes and innovatory technology, is now             launching to the world. 
    Since launching 105g extra-light shoes from 2011, GTS GLOBAL INC. has been doing OEM business       with over 20 countries, 
    and has been selling BALLOP products to more than 13 countries. 
    GTS GLOBAL INC. promises to continue producing better and more advanced shoes to customers. 
    Hope our customers will be continuously interested in our products and pay attention to our company     a lot. 
    KOREA MADE BRAND ? BALLOP import to the world
    BALLOP has been exported to 13 countries including China, Germany, Australia, South Africa, 
    Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, America, Singapore, Turkey, Japan, and Thailand. 
    BALLOP IS...It is a complex word of “barefoot” & “Gallop” and has a meaning to run outdoor life, not city by barefoot and a new brand of which was born by new concept It has a slogan of “ More Active”, “More Strong” and “more Wild” through satisfying more customer’s needs and vigorous jump for outdoor camping & running life.


Company Item

Water & Fitness Shoes Yoga & Pilates Shoes -JAM FLAT -JAM SOCKS Walking & Travel Shoes SWIMWEAR ACCESSORIES -SUN GLASS -WATER PROOF BAG

Item Specification

Water & Fitness 
The feelings of bare foot and excellent elastic material will show you brilliant non-slippery effect and can prevent stones and sand from getting in. This is the must-have item for both indoor and water games. 
Yoga & Pilates  
The moderndesign and unique taste of beauty, combining effect of the shoes, making it the perfect choice for Yoga and Pilates. Outstanding appearance, comfort while exercising is what we ensure about this product! 
Neoprene material and toe-open design helps your feet gripping the ground more easily, and free your feet while doing sports! 
This sock is developed with remarkable breathability and griping ability. Silicon material in the sole partand coolmaxmaterial absorbs sweat in a surprising speed, making it the perfect choicefor ballet, dance, or daily life. 
Walking & Travel
Using extra-light outsole, this sneaker is the new-concept casual shoes for the season. Convenience and liability in this light shoes will fulfill all your need when walking & traveling. Simple and smart design, perfect materials activate the casualty, while comfort and the full-cover of feet gives you brilliant feelings of safety.  
SWIMWEAR : Ballop Rash guard uses the highest grade SPF UPF 50+ fabric and it can block  over 99% ultraviolet rays.
              When you swim in the water, it is unclinging and has good ventilation because of inner mesh.
              Easy to put on and take off with waistband and adjust size with waist string.
              Enjoy your comfortable wearing and slim fit with 4 way span functions.
-SUN GLASS :100% made in Korea
               The sunglass, which is made with TR-90 frame in Korea and high quality.
               Polycarbonate(PC) Lens
               Using the PC lens to withstand impact and scratch.
               UV400, blocks 99.9% ultraviolet rays.
               It is a must have item for outdoor and drive.
-WATER PROOF BAG : You can use the bag when you go swimming, camping, to the beach and even on a rainy day.
             This bag is waterproof for daily use such as preventing stored equipment  getting wet or                      storing wet equipment.

President: CHOI,SUNMI
Tel:+82-70-4800-6711    Fax: +82-70-7545-2040
E-mail: gilbert@ballop.co.kr
Address: C-210, Bundang Technopark, 744, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Contact Person
Director : Gilbert
Tel : +82-70-4880-4448   E-mail : gilbert@ballop.co.kr