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C02 Changsin Living Co

Changsin Living specialized in manufacturing household storage products was established back on February 10th 1987. Based on its trend-setting design research center, around 250 state-of-the-art facilities including a large-size injection machine and the technologies and expertise accumulated so far, the end-to-end production process ranging from design, drawing, molding, injection, assembly, transcription to processing is operated and managed directly with an one-stop system to maximize the productivity.

Our product offerings include an approximate 1,500 household storage items. We are also putting the utmost efforts in pursuing high quality and differentiation by adopting new materials and technologies to develop new products, automating the production process and implementing strict quality control.

Based on the acknowledgement that creating value for consumers is the only engine to maintain company growth and receive ongoing support and love from consumers, we will continue to make efforts to produce more beautiful and convenient household storage goods customers need in their daily lives.

Changsin Living Co

Company Item

Drawer, Storage box, basket, Dustbin, Kitchen items, Bath accessory, Laundry items

Item Specification

- Kitchen Organizer

Why not use the space below or near the sink? You can neatly and conveniently use the space below the sink that was difficult to use before, thanks to various organizers.


- Bathroom Storage Accessories

Storage is extremely important in the bathroom, where water is used to a great extent. You can neatly organize various bathroom products such as shampoo and conditioners and effectively store washroom products that should remain dry. These bathroom storage accessories will surely bring uniqueness to your washroom.

President: Lee Young CHEOR
Tel:+82-31-868-1601    Fax: +82-31-868-1610
E-mail: huan0021@naver.com
Address: 586 Samil-ro, Nam-myeon, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Contact Person
Manager : Tony Kim
Tel : +82-31-860-0327    Cellphone : +82-10-4224-0021
E-mail : huan0021@naver.com