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C06 Herb Family Co., Ltd.

In 1987 Herb Family was found as a Herb Farm and since then, we have been manufacturing thousands products including diffusers, room spray, scented candle, and sachet based on the continuous R&D of our own perfumery lab and design team. We specialize in OEM / ODM and use automatic production line to supply high quality products at competitive price and to meet the unique marketing strategy of our business partners.  

Our products can be categorized into two: OEM/ODM products that are customized for the brand/concept of our business partners and our own brands that have been developed from our years of experience and know-how. 

Herb Family Co., Ltd.

Company Item

Aroma diffusers and scented candles

Item Specification

Luven is our premium brand designed to decorate the atmosphere with luxurious ambience and aromatherapy effects. 
Inspired by the beauty of natural herbs, Aronica uses materials that resembles natural plants. 
Puck Candle
Puck candle is a DIY candle that allows you to make your own candle by choosing from 75 different scents and colors.

President: Yongwoo Lee
Tel:+82-31-703-9378    Fax: +82-31-703-9397
E-mail: hf5@herbfamily.com
Address: 1301-A, 302, Galmachi-ro, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do,South Korea

Contact Person
Assistant Manager : Sanghyuk Lee
Tel : +82-31-703-9378    Cellphone : +82-10-2549-7153
E-mail : hf5@herbfamily.com