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CATEGORY : Beauty & Cosmetic Products   btn_list

BELECO is Esperanto meaning Beauty. The Beauty is meant to match each other harmoniously fused with more than one object originally.

BELECO pursuits  beauty as the essence of cosmetic at the same time has a motto as Human is a property.

Our corporate philosophy is Beautiful relationship between people. human and human, I promise that we shall now harmonized with each other in harmony.


Company Item

All Korean cosmetic products like Skin care, Cleansing, Make up, Hair Care.

Item Specification

Beleco is wholesale distriobutor for all kinds of Korean cosmetic specialized in make-up item. We have our own brand for lipstick. It is a moisture lipstick configured with various textures, supplies vivid color and moisture. Contains Grape seed oil and shea butter for protection, nourshment and hydration. This lipstick also provides professional lip makeup with its long lasting color. 

President: Park Young Seok
Tel:+82-1800-8706    Fax: +82-31-983-7871
Cellphone : +82-10-2988-6917
E-mail: oversea@beleco.co.kr minu01@beleco.co.kr
Address: 31, Janggok, Gochoen-eup, Gyunggi-do, Korea