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D02 bueno MEDITECH

BUENO EGF 9, A Superior Efficacy Found in Nature 

The products of Bueno Meditech are made by combining neuropeptide, stem cell EGF ingredients and key patented ingredients, all of which were jointly developed with BIO-FD&C and they are made in Korea. 

Formulated with natural pure ingredients, EGF9 Series created after 10-years of research by Dr. Sang-Hyeon Moh and researches provides a superior efficacy. Made with antioxidant ingredients, it safely protects the skin, while the natural moisturizing agent optimizes skin balance and nature-friendly ingredients are gentle on the skin. 

Now, experience more beautiful skin with nature-derived ingredients of Bueno EGF9 Series!

Improving the elasticity of the skin with 9 ingredients 

Bueno EGF9 Series is made using the science of stem cells, which go beyond the limitation of conventional basic skin care products. 

Bueno EGF9 Series is created by combining the highest quality ingredients obtained from EGP stem cells that had gone through clinical trials and nature-friendly natural ingredients as well as key patented ingredients. 

Now, restore the original power of the skin with 9 types of ingredients that Bueno EGF9 Series contains. 


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Eye Cream for Face / Bueno EGF Peptide Double Essence Pact Peptide Filler Cream / Bueno EGF Advanced Emulsion Bueno EGF Special Serum /Bueno EGF Advanced Toner White Brightening Moisture Cream

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