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Electronics & Electrical Products

Electronics & Electrical Products
Booth No. Exhibitor Product Website Regi.
A01 MUSolvers Co., Ltd.Catalog Speaker - LUCID Speaker (Wire/Wireless Speaker) - PIXXO Speaker (Bluetooth Speaker) - Compression Driver Unit for Horn Speaker www.musolvers.com btn_list
A02 SKYTAEHO INC.Catalog No Fuel. Eco Renewable Power Generator amacdc.kr btn_list
A03 Smart Tech.Catalog Outdoor Solar Charger Apollon S6000, Smart Tech P5, Smart Tech P15 www.smartechsolar.com btn_list
A04 KEUMSUNG SECURITY Co., Ltd.Catalog Virtual Reality CCTV System VR based Access control system Smart Crime&Fire Detection System www.kssecurity.co.kr btn_list
A05 ONAM LIGHTCatalog Automotive halogen bulbs & LED bulbs www.onamlight.com btn_list
A06 MIRAE LED Co., Ltd.Catalog AC LED Channel SignModule AC LED LIGHT www.miraeled.com btn_list
A07 CG Lighting Co., Ltd.Catalog Color changeable LED Lightings [ ColoRex ] www.cgled.co.kr btn_list
A08 Wheel Lighting Corp.Catalog Products : LED Lighting Products (Fixed Luminaries for LED Lamps) Model’s name : GREEN BELT www.wheellighting.co.kr btn_list
A09 UIK Co., Ltd.Catalog LED panel, Led stand, Banner stand www.uik21.co.kr btn_list
A10 HYUNDAI Wacortec Co., Ltd.Catalog Water Purifier & Water Treatment, Air Purifier, Bidet www.hyundaiwater.com btn_list


Industrial, Building Material & Automotive

Industrial, Building Material & Automotive
Booth No. Exhibitor Product Website Regi.
B01 SAMWON ROAD SAFETY Co., Ltd.Catalog Delineator, PE Anti-glare board, Flexible guide post, Rubber Lane separator, Solar road stud, Solar Warning light www.samwonsafety.co.kr btn_list
B02 Filink Co., Ltd.Catalog Window film, Solar Control film, Safety film, Paint Protection Film (PPF) www.filink.co.kr btn_list
B03 TRAVIS ELEVATOR Co., Ltd.Catalog Elevator(Passenger, Observation, Hospital carlift, Freight), Escalator, Moving Walk st21.co.kr btn_list
B04 UNISON ENGINEERING Co., Ltd.Catalog UNISON OPEN SPRING MOUNT (OSM) www.unisoneng.co.kr btn_list
B05 DJ PUMP Catalog Marine Engine Cooling Pumps / Electro-Magnetic Clutch Pumps / Flexible Impellers / www.djimtech.com btn_list
B06 Nurichem Co., Ltd. Catalog Silicone Sealant Multi-Purpose Hybrid Adhesive Polyurethane Foam Aerosols www.nurichem.com btn_list
B07 DAEBOHOUSING Co., Ltd.Catalog Trowel and spray type Interior/Exterior finishing materials ? DAEBO STONE GOLD www.daebohousing.co.kr/english1 btn_list
B08 KWANG SUNG TECHCatalog UV Embo Plywood (Decorative panel) unitop.kr btn_list
B09 NITE Industrial Co., Ltd.Catalog Cold Transfer Printing Solution www.nite.co.kr btn_list
B10 Samjin Plastic CorporationCatalog PET SHEET - Thickness range: 0.2mm~0.8mm - Width: Up to 1,400 mm - Type: Roll www.samjinpl.co.kr btn_list
B11 Adtech Co., Ltd.Catalog PET (POLYESTER) PROTECTION TAPE, DICING TAPE. www.adt21.com btn_list
B12 JUNGWOO MOTOR Co., Ltd.Catalog High Efficiency 3 Phase Induction Motors (IE1 IE2 IE3) High Efficiency Single Phase Induction Motors (Run / Start & Run) www.jem21.net btn_list
B13 SHINMYUNG ELECTRIC MFG, Co., Ltd.Catalog AC MOTOT, GEARED MOTOR. www.smec.co.kr btn_list
B14 KOREA CARSTOPPER Co., Ltd.Catalog Parking and Road safety Products(Carstopper,corner guard,speed downer,deck bumper) www.carstopper.com btn_list
B15 LIMSCO Co., Ltd. (AJCE KOREA)Catalog Hydraulic breaker Excavator attachments Excavator parts www.ajce.co.kr btn_list
B16 DNTEK Co., Ltd.Catalog NANOSET MILL, BASKET MILL, SPEED MILL www.dntek.co.kr btn_list
B17 SHINYOUNG MACHINERY CO.Catalog Light Construction Equipment; vibration rollers, plate compactors, concrete cutters, flexible pump, concrete vibrators and etc. www.shinyoungmc.com btn_list


Consumer Product & Home Appliances

Consumer Product & Home Appliances
Booth No. Exhibitor Product Website Regi.
C01 SAMYANG HOME ELECTRICS IND. Co., Ltd.Catalog Range pot / Frypan / Ceramic Pot www.aluart.co.kr btn_list
C02 Changsin Living CoCatalog Drawer, Storage box, basket, Dustbin, Kitchen items, Bath accessory, Laundry items www.changsinmall.com btn_list
C03 SUNGWOO METAL Co., Ltd.Catalog frypan and wokpan www.sungwoometal.co.kr btn_list
C04 Cebien Co., LtdCatalog Bathroom sanitary fittings - multi purposed shelf with shower system www.cebien.com btn_list
C05 ECO BIOTECH Co., Ltd.Catalog Veg/Fruit cleaner _ Eco Clean www.ecoclean-korea.com btn_list
C06 Herb Family Co., Ltd.Catalog Aroma diffusers and scented candles www.herbfamily.com btn_list
C07 DONGJIN CHEF Co., Ltd.Catalog Hybrid Inoble Coating Frying pan. Bellos Ceramic Pot Series. www.kitchenwell.kr btn_list
C08 Wellos Korea Co., Ltd.Catalog Anti-bacterial Cutting Board www.welloskorea.com btn_list
C09 DREAMCHEF Co., Ltd.Catalog Anti-Bacterial Treatment : neat and hygienic coating, Aluminum Die-casting : Highly heat Efficiency www.dreamchef.kr btn_list
C10 YUWON PSCatalog Penguin storage cart www.yuwonps.com btn_list
C11 Goper Co., Ltd.Catalog Eco-friendly Table , Eco-friendly Multipurpose Shelf www.고페르.com btn_list
C13 GTS GLOBAL INC.Catalog Water & Fitness Shoes www.ballop.co.kr btn_list
C14 DBK KOREA Co., Ltd.Catalog Mosquito Repellent(KillPop Mosquito SSAK Repellent Guard Band) www.dbkkorea.com btn_list
C15 HB Global Co., Ltd. Catalog Liquid Laundry Detergent (Ultra, Standard), Fabric Softener (Ultra, Standard), Fabric Refresher www.consensus.co.kr btn_list


Beauty & Cosmetic Products

Beauty & Cosmetic Products
Booth No. Exhibitor Product Website Regi.
D01 SMK Co., Ltd.Catalog Adaline - Facial mask pack www.s-mkorea.com btn_list
D02 bueno MEDITECHCatalog Eye Cream for Face / Bueno EGF Peptide Double Essence Pact WWW.BUENO9.COM btn_list
D03 SKINEYECatalog Cosmetics - Acne, trouble cosmetic/ Natural cosmetic/ Organic cosmetic/ Moisture cosmetic/ anti-wrinkle cosmetic www.skineye.co.kr btn_list
D04 THECOSMEDIUM Co., Ltd.Catalog Premium natural cosmetics with 24months fermentation www.thecosmedium.com btn_list
D05 J&G COSMETICSCatalog new type of mask pack (24K gold and snail extract is mixed in the formula) www.jngcos.co.kr btn_list
D06 KORSOACatalog Waterless Shampoo For Man & Pet www.theshampoo350.com btn_list
D07 hanario Co., Ltd.Catalog hydro gel eye patch hanario.net btn_list
D08 BelecoCatalog All Korean cosmetic products like Skin care, Cleansing, Make up, Hair Care. www.beleco.co.kr btn_list
D09 BARONA Inc.Catalog Cosmeceuticals : Anti-Hair-Loss Shampoo & Hair Tonic, Winkle Improvement, Anti-Cellulite Serum mobarona.co.kr btn_list
D10 ANCORSCatalog Manufacturer of cosmetics & OEM/ODM/OBM Multi System www.ancors.co.kr btn_list


Food, Health and Wellness Products

Food, Health and Wellness Products
Booth No. Exhibitor Product Website Regi.
E01 Youngwoo Waterline Co., Ltd.Catalog water purifiers and inline filters 1. YW-1400T 2. YWH-070 3. YWH2500H/S www.ywwl.co.kr btn_list
E02 DoDream Co., Ltd.Catalog Alkaliser alkaliser.co btn_list
E03 Waters Co., Ltd.Catalog Bio Mineral Pot, Alkaline water maker, Water filters, Mineral Filter, Functioning shower head (Aroma Therapy shower head) www.waters.co.kr btn_list
E04 ECOSYS Co., Ltd.Catalog * Alkaline Ionizer, * Hydrogen Water Generator. www.eco-sys.net btn_list
E05 BIOHEALTH WORLDCatalog Hydrogen Water Purifier Products Health necklace & bracelet (by Guneuibogam ) Thermal Massage Mattress www.bhworld.net btn_list
E06 DAESAN MEDICAL Co., Ltd.Catalog Biocurrent replenisher &Low-frequency stimulator (personal) www.daesanmedical.com btn_list
E07 DOOWON C & C Co., Ltd.Catalog Hospital bed, Hospital equipment, Fitness equipment www.doowoncnc.com btn_list
E08 HANIL MEDICAL Co., Ltd. Catalog Thermal massager Chair (HUBO600) bio health fitness bed (BHE-204) Thermal mat (YELLOW SOIL) hanilmedical.co.kr btn_list
E09 MIYO Co., Ltd.Catalog *MIYO Backrest cushion *MIYO Beauty Hip cushion www.miyokorea.com btn_list
E10 FORVIC S-BACK CORP.Catalog chair on chair - S-Back www.s-back.net btn_list
E11 Samhwaplus Co., Ltd.Catalog dog food, dog shampoo www.samhwaplus.co.kr btn_list
E12 HANYANG FOODCatalog Rice cake. wheat cake, Topoki www.hyfood.kr btn_list
E13 SAMHONONGSANCatalog Raw Noodles : KALGUKSU( Korean style spaghetti) Processed Noodles: cold noodles, chewy noodles www.samhonongsan.com btn_list
E14 baseisCatalog Softdrink basefood.co.kr btn_list
E15 Golden Citron Co.Catalog Fruit Cordial Golden Yuzu, Golden Lemon Tea-tox, Golden Plum, Golden Pomegranate, Golden Blueberry www.goldencitron.com btn_list
E16 BEDELKOREACatalog Red Pine Oil Health Food www.bedelkorea.com btn_list